We offer a range of investment vehicles, services and custom-built solutions to meet the impact investment objectives of our clients.


Thematic Funds

Pooled investments targeting specific impact themes as defined by the Sustainable Development Goals.

For example:

Bright Energy targets investments across community renewable energy systems and ancillary technology services for the benefit of community off-takers and end users.

Brightlight Real Estate Impact Fund takes advantage of the growing demand for 'impact housing' from federal and state governments, community organisations, and property developers. Investment subsectors include disability housing, affordable housing, and build-to-rent projects.

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Broad Impact Funds

Pooled investments that seek to achieve impacts across a range of themes as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For example:

Brightlight SDG Impact Fund is a global, diversified impact portfolio aligned to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Managed Portfolios

Impact investment portfolios designed to meet a client’s explicit needs and desired parameters, managed by Brightlight's own investment managers.

For example:

Brightlight manages an Ethical/Impact Portfolio for Australian Communities Foundation (ACF). ACF are committed to responsible investment through ESG screening across their total investment portfolio and intend to progressively introduce impact investments over time.

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Partnership Portfolios

Impact investment portfolios designed and managed by Brightlight and the client in collaboration, blending the processes and capabilities of our team with those of our client.

For example:

Christian Super have contracted Brightlight with the co-management of their impact investment portfolio.

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Customised Solutions and Structures

A range of structures and solutions specifically tailored to unique market contexts where a fund or mandate structure isn't appropriate. Examples include flexible note/bond instruments, collateralised loan obligations, or special purpose vehicles.

For example:

The Australian Government Innovation Xchange have contracted Brightlight to develop and deploy an initial Asia Pacific Notes Issuance, targeting gender lens investments in South and South East Asia. The notes issuance is intended to be open ended and ongoing.

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Product Development Advisory

For clients looking to build a specific investment product, Brightlight offers implemented advice that's delivered in partnership throughout the product development cycle, from ideation through to management of the resulting product.

For example:

Trust Waikato has requested Brightlight's advice in developing the feasibility of a Real Asset Impact Fund that would focus on social infrastructure investment in the Waikato region, and across New Zealand. Once it has passed the feasibility stage, Brightlight will manage the fund in an ongoing capacity.

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We work with all organisations seeking greater impact through their investments.


We exist to be a catalyst for the broad-market adoption of impact investing.


By mobilising capital across a diverse range of purpose-built investment products, we seek to enable one million people to secure the means with which to live sustainable lives.