Brightlight Group was formed out of the Christian Super Impact Investment team in 2016, growing quickly to incorporate leaders from a variety of organisations in the impact investment landscape and to service a broader base of clients.

Since 2007 the Christian Super team had pioneered a market-leading impact investment approach, building out a portfolio of impact investments valued at approximately $150m and covering more than 300 companies. Strong investment performance and considerable interest from other asset owners embarking on their own impact investment journeys proved the ultimate impetus for Brightlight’s formation. The team’s best practice approach was further validated on being awarded GSG’s (Global Steering Group for Impact Investment) Asset Owner of the Year in 2017.

Today, working with governments, superannuation funds, private wealth managers, community trusts and foundations—as well as with other dedicated impact investors—we strive to create a future where all people can flourish, and the sustainability of life on earth is assured.

In servicing our clients' and investors' financial objectives we seek to transform the lives of millions of people from being in deprivation—as defined by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)—to long term sustainability. We plan to work with our partners to measure this impact accurately, authentically and with regularity over the timeframe of the goals.


Wherever you come from and whatever you believe, we can all agree that we need a well-functioning society and a healthy planet on which to live.


If we're to flourish we need much more: a society where the needs of all people are met to the detriment of none; one where we work together across the divides that separate us in pursuit of a future built around acceptance, respect and love for all.

Just as our goal benefits all people, so our work involves all actors in the market willing to catalyse capital in pursuit of an end to all forms of human suffering. We believe that it’s only by working together that can we address the most pressing challenges we face in today's world.

Our brand is an expression of how different organisations can come together to harness the movement of capital for the benefit of others, without compromise to the market-rate returns required of investors. We believe it's always possible to find common ground from which to define a goal to work towards, then pursue this goal in a way that allows for diverging beliefs and opinions along the way.

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